«Financial Innovations» Association

Association purpose

- unification of the participants of the financial market and the payment industry of the Russian Federation in order to consolidate, promote and protect the interests of the participants, provide legislative, information and technological support for development and provide participants with financial and related services.

  • Protection of interests

    Representation and protection of interests of FIA members in work with the regulators, the government authorities, the public and other organizations both in Russia and abroad

  • Promotion of services

    The possibility of an effective exchange among the FIA members of information and personal package offers on financial innovations that are available for implementation, in particular in the payment service industry; organization; targeted promotion of the services of FIA participants at special events

  • Legislative expertise and rule-making initiatives

    Participation in committees and working groups to develop proposals for amendments to legislative and regulatory acts

  • Information

    Weekly newsletter; obtaining books, manuals and analytical materials; training workshops; refresher courses

Project activities

The work of the Association is based on project principles

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Only for our members

Meetings with regulators.

Participation in seminars, including those held in the format of business lunches, where, in an informal setting, with the participation of leading experts and regulators, the most pressing issues facing the industry on the subject of legislation on the national payment system, including security issues, AML/CFT, identification, etc. are discussed.


Provision of payment consulting services (including in the field of start-ups, innovations) and all types of information support. Assistance in the development of documents for effective work with bank payment agents, payment agents, e-money, etc.

Participation in special-purpose committees.

Joint development of proposals for amendments to the legislative and regulatory acts of the Russian Federation in the financial industry, as well as participation in the development and adoption of industry standards, ensuring the protection of the interests of participants when interacting with government authorities.

Join the FIA

Joining procedure, necessary documents and instructions for completing.
In this section you will find everything you need to join the FIA.

By joining the Financial Innovation Association (FIA), your organization will be able to actively participate in all its projects and activities aimed at achieving the goal set by the founders of the Association. The goal of the FIA is to unite the participants of the financial market and the payment industry of the Russian Federation to solve the set tasks. The tasks of the FIA in relation to its members include protection of interests, promotion of services, legislative expertise and rule-making initiative, as well as information support. FIA activities are carried out in accordance with the Charter..

Forms to fill

If you want to become a member of the FIA, you can send us an email to info@afii.ru with filled out questionnaire and application forms, necessarily indicating the purpose of joining the FIA. After your application is reviewed and a prior positive decision is made, you will receive a notification with further instructions.

  1. What are the criteria for admission to the FIA?

    In accordance with the Charter of the Association, its members may be legal entities and fully capable citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and stateless persons legally residing in the Russian Federation, meeting the criteria for membership stipulated by the Association membership rules, recognizing and implementing the Association’s Charter, Association’s rules and standards.

    Members of the Association are the Founders, as well as legal entities and individuals accepted as members of the Association after state registration, meeting the requirements of the Association, sharing the goals of the Association, recognizing this Charter of the Association, and ready to take an active part in its activities.

    The main criteria for admission to the Association are reliable business reputation, commitment to business ethics and readiness for constructive cooperation.

    Membership in the Association is based on voluntary enlistment in the Association and withdrawal from it.
    Members of the Association have equal rights and equal responsibilities.

    The Association does not perform managerial functions in relation to the members of the Association. Association members retain their autonomy and rights.

  2. Who are the members of the FIA?

    Today FIA has about 50 participants, including:

    • vendors engaged in development for the implementation of financial (including payment) services;
    • technology companies providing financial (payment) services;
    • trade and service enterprises;
    • telecom operators;
    • credit institutions, operators of payment systems and payment infrastructure;
    • bank payment agents, payment agents;
    • IPSPs (Internet payment service providers);
    • microfinance organizations providing loans using Internet technologies;
    • investment funds, payment startups;
    • other participants of the financial market, the payment industry.